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Overworld nether portals outside of the world border (up to ~128m from the border) are considered valid



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    • Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 17w06a, Minecraft 17w13a, Minecraft 17w13b, Minecraft 17w14a, Minecraft 17w15a, Minecraft 17w16a, Minecraft 17w16b, Minecraft 17w17a, Minecraft 17w17b, Minecraft 17w18a, Minecraft 17w18b, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 3, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 4, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 5, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 6, Minecraft 1.12, Minecraft 1.12.1 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.12.1, Minecraft 1.12.2 Pre-Release 1, Minecraft 1.12.2 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 17w43a, Minecraft 17w43b, Minecraft 17w45a, Minecraft 17w45b, Minecraft 17w46a, Minecraft 17w47a, Minecraft 17w47b, Minecraft 17w48a, Minecraft 17w49a, Minecraft 17w49b, Minecraft 17w50a, Minecraft 18w01a, Minecraft 18w02a, Minecraft 18w03b, Minecraft 18w05a, Minecraft 18w06a, Minecraft 18w07c, Minecraft 18w08a, Minecraft 18w10c, Minecraft 18w11a, Minecraft 18w14a, Minecraft 18w14b, Minecraft 18w20c, Minecraft 18w21b, Minecraft 18w22c, Minecraft 1.13-pre1, Minecraft 1.13-pre2, Minecraft 1.13-pre3, Minecraft 1.13-pre6, Minecraft 1.13-pre9, Minecraft 1.13, Minecraft 18w30a, Minecraft 18w30b, Minecraft 18w31a, Minecraft 18w32a, Minecraft 18w33a, Minecraft 1.13.1-pre1, Minecraft 1.13.1-pre2, Minecraft 1.13.1, Minecraft 1.13.2, Minecraft 18w43b, Minecraft 18w43c, Minecraft 18w44a, Minecraft 18w45a, Minecraft 18w46a, Minecraft 1.14, 1.14.4, 19w34a, 19w36a, 19w37a, 19w38b, 19w39a, 19w40a, 19w42a, 19w44a, 19w45a, 19w45b, 1.15 Pre-release 1, 1.15 Pre-Release 2, 1.15 Pre-release 3, 1.15 Pre-release 4, 1.15, 1.15.1, 1.15.1 Pre-release 1, 1.15.2 Pre-release 2, 1.15.2, 20w06a, 20w07a, 20w09a, 20w10a, 20w11a, 20w12a, 20w13a, 20w14a, 20w15a, 20w16a, 20w20a, 20w22a, 1.16.1, 1.16.2 Pre-release 1
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      The Bug

      When travelling from the Nether to the overworld, it is usually the case that portals outside of the world border are considered invalid, and therefore a new portal inside the world border is created so players are safe.

      But this is not the case for outside portals that are outside of the world border by ~128m or less. These portals will let the player use them, and then the player will instantly die.

      How to Reproduce:

      1. Create a world and input these 3 commands:
        /worldborder center 0 0
        /worldborder set 2000
        /tp @s 1000 70 0
      2. Build a portal and go to the nether.
      3. Input:
        /execute in overworld run worldborder set 1780 

        Your overworld portal is now ~110m from the border, on the wrong side. We had to use an execute command because without it we'd only be affecting the nether's world border and not the overworld's. See MC-121997.

      4. /gamemode survival and return to the overworld.
        -> "Player suffocated in a wall."

      If you repeat these steps and use 1750 instead of 1780, you'll find that a new portal is created, as intended.


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