Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version 20w15a - HTML format


  • [MC-105292] - falling_block Lighting Inconsistency with Smooth Lighting on
  • [MC-111493] - Fireworks do not cause knockback to either the player or mobs.
  • [MC-166358] - Inconsistency with sounds of dispensers using shears
  • [MC-171273] - Fungi and roots (both crimson and warped) as well as weeping vines, twisting vines and warped wart blocks, etc. can't be composted
  • [MC-171463] - Iron Bars don't fully connect to walls
  • [MC-172120] - Hoglins don't try to avoid fire
  • [MC-172209] - Non-fire resistant mobs don't try to avoid walking into fire
  • [MC-172226] - Baby animals, villagers, and zombie villagers spawned with a spawn egg on an adult entity always are of the same variant
  • [MC-172250] - Piglin and zombified piglin model doesn't use textures for left arm or leg
  • [MC-172268] - Bartering with a piglin by right-clicking does not display hand animation
  • [MC-172517] - Walls don't behave normally when next to soul sand
  • [MC-174542] - Killing baby hoglins drops leather and porkchop
  • [MC-174559] - Baby hoglins/zoglins uses the same attack damage as an adult when spawned in some cases
  • [MC-175006] - Tridents sink below the ground when dropped
  • [MC-175030] - Curse of Binding doesn't affect Piglins
  • [MC-175169] - Respawn Anchor can create ghost blocks when it explodes
  • [MC-175176] - Using return portal in The End softlocks the game if /spawnpoint was used in The End
  • [MC-175256] - Screen is overlayed with a grey opaque texture when inside of a transparent block
  • [MC-175274] - "Quartz pillar" is translated as "White wool" ("Lana blanca" instead of "Pilar de cuarzo") in Spanish (Spain)
  • [MC-175348] - Respawn anchor explosion knocks back flying creative players
  • [MC-175356] - Piglins and hoglins do not avoid magma blocks
  • [MC-175402] - Soul Fire Torches cannot be crafted with Soul Sand
  • [MC-175452] - Respawn anchor can be used infinitely if right clicked above world build limit
  • [MC-175538] - Fish/Swimming sounds are louder than they should be
  • [MC-175566] - Piglins with full inventories drop the items they received
  • [MC-176095] - Striders have an unused fin in the strider.png texture file
  • [MC-176384] - CompassItem checks twice if LodestonePos tag exists
  • [MC-176517] - striders spawn in underground lava pockets
  • [MC-176633] - Lime carpets are named "acacia slab" in Spanish (Spain)
  • [MC-177069] - Dispenser will not drop glowstone as item when not connected to a respawn anchor
  • [MC-177081] - Zoglins are attacked by the Wither
  • [MC-177085] - Missing UUID field in attributes crash the game
  • [MC-177102] - Zoglins aren't considered an undead mob
  • [MC-177225] - Tag minecraft:water used before it was bound
  • [MC-178029] - Chunks get scrambled by logging in twice on solo world

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