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Using return portal in The End softlocks the game if /spawnpoint was used in The End


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    • 20w15a
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      Upon entering The End's return portal (stepping into minecraft:end_portal block in The End), the game will softlock in the "Loading terrain..." screen if player's respawn point has previously been altered to point to The End dimension using /spawnpoint command.

      To reproduce:

      1. Enter The End dimension.
      2. Use the command /spawnpoint @s ~ ~ ~
      3. Kill the Ender Dragon or summon an End Portal.
      4. Step into the return portal.

      Game seems to return the player to their spawn point correctly, only the screen does not go away. Game runs normally after a restart and the set spawn point is kept.

      If the respawn location is obstructed, spawn point is reset and player is moved to The Overworld instead.

      Edit: Happens only if the credits scene has previously been seen.

      How to reproduce the issue (Streamable)

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