Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.13-pre1 - HTML format


  • [MC-55800] - Successful "/setblock air destroy" commands give error message and return 0 for result/success
  • [MC-91759] - End dimension only: End crystals aren't actually pushed server-side, causing ender crystal location desync
  • [MC-92061] - Full speed ridden boats generate water splash particles under the boat
  • [MC-92408] - Arrows / trident move slightly after a second after hitting the target
  • [MC-118606] - Tame wolf will no longer fight after boat ride, until server is restarted
  • [MC-122134] - Tab-completion in command blocks no longer works
  • [MC-122809] - Powered rails and activator rails placed next to a power source do not transmit power to neighboring powered/activator rails which need to change orientation before connecting
  • [MC-122940] - After executing the /reload command, clicking on recipe book recipes does not work
  • [MC-122966] - Crash on shifting floor with comparator clock
  • [MC-124123] - Crash upon loading world: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location: minecraft:Zombie
  • [MC-124972] - Game crashes during the loading world, when creating a superflat world with oceanmonument tag
  • [MC-125603] - When the trident hit the mobs, it hangs to the side for a second
  • [MC-125742] - Bark blocks become normal stripped logs, rather than all sides side texture stripped logs
  • [MC-125918] - namespace functions not able to run in 18w07c
  • [MC-127142] - Failed to create block entity DUMMY (path of location: minecraft:DUMMY)
  • [MC-127542] - Stripped Jungle Log Texture Appears Horizontal when Vertically Oriented, Inconsistent with Jungle Log Texture
  • [MC-127721] - Jittering movement when one player spectates another player
  • [MC-129144] - Changed piston behaviour towards Marker-true armor stands since at latest 18w16a
  • [MC-129503] - Exception Upgrading 1.7.10 World
  • [MC-129504] - More Exceptions Upgrading 1.7.10 World (Inventory Wiped?)
  • [MC-129542] - The title screen panorama hasn't been updated with features in Update Aquatic
  • [MC-129625] - Sea grass changes to air pockets when upgrading from 18w16a to 18w20a+
  • [MC-129856] - Done button is always disabled in command block minecarts
  • [MC-129975] - village and pyramid generation bug
  • [MC-130140] - Blocks not converting correctly from 1.12.2 to current snapshot
  • [MC-130463] - Sponges do not absorb bubble columns
  • [MC-130489] - All enchanted books change to protection when fished, reloaded or upgraded from an old version
  • [MC-130521] - Leaves placed by hand disappear if not touching log or bark after a reload
  • [MC-130677] - Minecraft hangs on world quit with "Couldn't load chunk" spamming log

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