Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w26c - HTML format


  • [MC-92] - Slab and stairs lighting incorrect
  • [MC-4855] - Mob spawners miss a row on X and Z axis for the spawn range
  • [MC-5270] - Suffocation screen is buggy while standing in lava
  • [MC-7157] - Minecart with Furnace texture shows active furnace without powering it
  • [MC-8255] - TNT Does Not Make Fuse Sound When Dispensed Out Of Dispenser
  • [MC-14671] - 1-Tick pulse sustaining with repeaters
  • [MC-15370] - Hay Bale: Horses Heal + Speed Growth Mismatch if crafted with 9 Wheat
  • [MC-34772] - Efficiency does not work on Packed Ice
  • [MC-46460] - Spectators show burning effect in lava
  • [MC-48944] - Minecart with Hopper don't pick up items lying on the rail.
  • [MC-48969] - Tellraw crashes if clickEvent is an URL without "http://"
  • [MC-53384] - When using resource packs: Redstone dust line is rotated the wrong way when connected to another
  • [MC-55383] - redstone overlay doesn't render well when going up negiative z and positive x
  • [MC-57584] - Scoreboard team colour displays disappear when resetting a different scoreboard objective
  • [MC-58336] - Bottom side of sand block invisible when falling
  • [MC-58895] - Invisible "wall" at iron bars and glass panes
  • [MC-58918] - Repeater blinking / powering itself
  • [MC-58920] - Redstone Torch breaks when receiving update
  • [MC-58923] - Custom player heads will not render
  • [MC-58959] - You can sneak off a full block onto snow
  • [MC-58975] - Nether generates in strips if it doesn't crash
  • [MC-59021] - Item Frames with rotated items Disappear After Reloading the World
  • [MC-59022] - /summon problem
  • [MC-59043] - Using "Pick Block" on Lapis Lazuli Ore creates missing texture
  • [MC-59092] - half-sunflower
  • [MC-59344] - Nether portal created on air

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