Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w20b - HTML format


  • [MC-12061] - Witch Hitbox
  • [MC-16132] - Cave generator won't cut through snow blocks or red sand
  • [MC-36933] - When using "Pick Block" on glowing Redstone Ore, it doesn't give you anything
  • [MC-45079] - Missing string when running /clone commands.clone.success
  • [MC-51338] - Endermen AI problem: Walking into water to kill Endermites
  • [MC-51659] - Renamed items not displaying name in item frames after respawn
  • [MC-55064] - Blocks do not update outside of world border
  • [MC-55204] - Mob Entities appear to Spawn then Despawn rapidly
  • [MC-55220] - Scoreboard objectives no longer show in list

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