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  • [MCPE-28689] - Crafting continously is impossible on touch screen
  • [MCPE-58557] - /summon bee doesn't work
  • [MCPE-58861] - Being killed by another player results in bow-positioned arms/hands
  • [MCPE-64471] - minecraft namespace non-optional when making vanilla entity summonable
  • [MCPE-65397] - /summon piglin and hoglin requires minecraft namespace
  • [MCPE-94178] - Receiving negative damage causes golden heart bug
  • [MCPE-104183] - /summon goat doesn't work without minecraft namespace
  • [MCPE-105330] - When only picking up a part of a stacked item, because your inventory is full, you will drop the rest of the stacked items that you didn’t pick up
  • [MCPE-115142] - Powder snow has random texture rotation (parity issue)
  • [MCPE-116202] - Wall and fence connect to powder snow
  • [MCPE-116205] - Some blocks should not be able to be placed on powder snow
  • [MCPE-117624] - Bow, Trident, Shield, and Crossbow appear to switch places for a split second in third person
  • [MCPE-119200] - Powder snow creates z-fights when connected to a fence and wall (from the inside)
  • [MCPE-119701] - The bow is darker when enchanted, and it appears to be upside down
  • [MCPE-121737] - Cave vines head and body emit different light levels (parity with Java)
  • [MCPE-122164] - Azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves broken with Silk Touch do not stack with those broken without Silk Touch
  • [MCPE-122705] - Bee cant enter beehives
  • [MCPE-123328] - All collected baby axolotls become blue axolotls
  • [MCPE-123571] - Unable to pickblock small dripleaf
  • [MCPE-123605] - Some strings in 1.16.230 are different from the previous or incorrect
  • [MCPE-124414] - The player can create a phantom block of powder snow
  • [MCPE-125147] - Underwater color and underwater visibility no longer matches Java Edition
  • [MCPE-125767] - Azalea bushes don't bone meal and grow into trees
  • [MCPE-125853] - Tridents, bows, crossbows, shields and spyglasses don't make the item moving animation
  • [MCPE-126028] - Powder Snow fog appears in third person when it shouldn't
  • [MCPE-126701] - Glow squids don't despawn
  • [MCPE-126726] - Small Amethsyt Bud is not visible in the player's hand
  • [MCPE-126788] - Wither aren't immune to freezing inside powder snow.
  • [MCPE-126946] - Middle-clicking the glow squid will give you an unknown spawn egg instead
  • [MCPE-127404] - Caves & Cliffs crash seed
  • [MCPE-127427] - Azalea leaves, and its flowering variant, drop incorrectly when mined with silk touch tools.
  • [MCPE-127543] - Skeleton converting to Stray has missing sounds
  • [MCPE-127560] - Converted strays disregard previous data the skeleton had
  • [MCPE-127597] - Drowned no longer uses ranged attack
  • [MCPE-127649] - Axolotl unused mouth textures are not removed (parity issue)
  • [MCPE-127994] - Players cannot enter/exit on and from the edge of the powder snow block

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