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Some strings in 1.16.230 are different from the previous or incorrect


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      There are some strings in 1.16.230 that are different from the previous ones, or not correct at all.

      Here's a list :

      Translation key Current name Suggested name Reason
      tile.cobbled_deepslate_double_slab.name Cobbled Deepslate Double Slab Cobbled Deepslate Slab tile.double_stone_slab.name=Stone Slab
      tile.polished_deepslate_double_slab.name Polished Deepslate Double Slab Polished Deepslate Slab Same as above
      tile.deepslate_tile_double_slab.name Deepslate Tile Double Slab Deepslate Tile Slab Same as above
      tile.deepslate_brick_double_slab.name Deepslate Brick Double Slab Deepslate Brick Slab Same as above
      tile.deepslate_lapis_ore.name Deepslate Lapis Ore Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore Java Edition
      item.milk.name Milk Milk Bucket Java Edition, changed in 18w20a
      tile.lit_deepslate_redstone_ore.name Lit Deepslate Redstone Ore Delete Other lightable blocks also have corresponding lit variants, but none of them appear in the language file.
      hbui.CreateNewWorld.advanced.firesSpreadsDescription Fire can spread between entities Fire can spread between blocks Incorrect, fire cannot spread between entities.
      hbui.CreateNewWorld.advanced.firesSpreadsTitle Fire spreads Update fire Java Edition
      hbui.CreateNewWorld.advanced.immediateRespawnTitle Immediate respawn Respawn immediately Java Edition
      hbui.CreateNewWorld.cheats.entitiesDropLootTitle Entities drop loot Drop entity equipment Java Edition
      hbui.CreateNewWorld.advanced.tileDropsTitle Tile drops Drop blocks Java Edition

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