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  • [MCPE-41772] - Lag spike when opening inventory or crafting
  • [MCPE-75231] - Overworld Structure Block Lines Render In Nether and End
  • [MCPE-83352] - clone says "no blocks cloned" for signs and containers, even when it works
  • [MCPE-100030] - No xp when getting Nether brick from furnace
  • [MCPE-101055] - Structure Block unintentionally overwriting saved structure
  • [MCPE-105490] - Random/incorrect death by fall damage
  • [MCPE-105893] - Items’ durability bar disappears when you have it on your cursor/mouse
  • [MCPE-109119] - After cloning double chest can't open inventory or chests
  • [MCPE-114651] - Classic skins automatically change to Character Creator persona
  • [MCPE-115335] - Second player in split screen cannot destroy blocks

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