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Lag spike when opening inventory or crafting



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      Occurring On: Windows 10, Xbox One, iOS, Android


      Bug: Slight freezing/lag/delay when opening inventory or whilst crafting. Can also happen while equipping armor or taking it off in the inventory. The likely cause seems to be having too much information for the inventory to manage, and not enough optimization. Likely related to MCPE-32150


      Steps to Reproduce: Potentialy can be recreated by having items with too many enchants within your inventory. I’ve personally noticed it at it’s worst while wearing armor, each with multiple enchants, and tools, also with multiple enchants. Having shulker boxes with items in it seems to also cause the problem, with more items = more delay.  It mostly seems that the inventory has trouble managing excess amounts of information.


      I hope i’ve provided enough information. If you have questions for me, please reply below, and i’ll try to help as best I can.


      Edit: I’ve observed that this also happens with written books and book and quills that have multiple written pages.

      New Info: In the most recent beta,, this also affects villager trading now. Whenever you open the trading interface, the game stutters, along with completing a trade.




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