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  • [MCPE-25845] - Renamed boats lose name after breaking
  • [MCPE-34409] - Monsters dont spawn in thunderstorms at day
  • [MCPE-36463] - Bubble column water only flows by one block
  • [MCPE-37825] - Pistons can extend in the void
  • [MCPE-41879] - Vexes are slow and not aggressive enough
  • [MCPE-44918] - Dolphins don't go towards water when they are drying
  • [MCPE-51067] - Piston heads can go through the height limit of Y=256
  • [MCPE-54256] - A single unenchanted tool can be disenchanted in the grindstone
  • [MCPE-54617] - smelted items (prior to 1.13) still contain the incorrect damage value
  • [MCPE-56876] - Compass does not point to spawn when riding in a boat
  • [MCPE-58322] - Bees don't leave their nest/hive in the Nether and End dimensions
  • [MCPE-62080] - Villager changing Professions after being traded with/leveled
  • [MCPE-64039] - Experience orbs sink in water
  • [MCPE-65535] - Name tags don't work on anything
  • [MCPE-66967] - Snow Golem don’t give pumpkin back when sheared
  • [MCPE-70782] - Cured villagers offer too big of a trading discount
  • [MCPE-71995] - 4x4 Spuce tree podzol generation issue
  • [MCPE-75252] - Ghast fireballs destroy basalt
  • [MCPE-76213] - Music gets interrupted when player submerges into water
  • [MCPE-78400] - Dragon Egg disappears if placed on pedestal and Ender Dragon is revived
  • [MCPE-80156] - Mending doesn't always consume Experience if a player wears a full set of repaired mending armor whilst repairing an item with mending
  • [MCPE-80543] - Bee nests can generate without a tree from a sapling
  • [MCPE-80555] - Hopper with container above is able to collect dropped items
  • [MCPE-81106] - Gravity affected blocks break when piston/sticky piston retracts
  • [MCPE-81258] - TNT activates when a redstone torch is placed on the side of the block
  • [MCPE-81987] - Rails aren't always powered correctly
  • [MCPE-85747] - Ghasts Spawn only at low light levels. Ghast Farms broken.
  • [MCPE-94146] - Items in command completion screen are all displayed as stone blocks
  • [MCPE-94162] - Items in the Useable Items Panel of Beacons Use Wrong Textures

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