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Bee nests can generate without a tree from a sapling


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      Under some conditions, bee nests from saplings can generate with no tree.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Place 2 spaplings with 2 block gap between them.
      2. Grow them and make sure they have a 3-block space underneath them.
      3. Place 2 sapling on the 2-block gap between the trees and put flowers next to them
      4. Constantly use bonemeal on the saplings

      Observed Results:
      If the sapling doesn't grow into a tree, the sapling has a hight chance to desapear leaving a bee nest "hanging" from the pre-existing tree

      Expected Results:
      There is not really expected result, but a suggestion to improve it, is make the tree grow with the nest in another orientation.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: There is a video below the isuue's description

      Notes: To better understand the issue, watch the video, it may have bad qualitty, but it is very explanatory.

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