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  • [MCPE-25436] - Grass Blocks Don't Turn to Dirt Under Water
  • [MCPE-36976] - Nintendo switch settings lag multiples
  • [MCPE-40135] - Glitched player hand placement shown on screen
  • [MCPE-41256] - Frost walker ice can't be broken
  • [MCPE-42635] - The Color of the bamboo leaf is not the same in bedrock
  • [MCPE-42975] - Half blocks and other semi-solids don't prevent grass growth
  • [MCPE-43329] - [Fixed] Zombie Villagers don't have sounds
  • [MCPE-43527] - [Fixed] Tamed Tuxedo Cats still use their old textures
  • [MCPE-43944] - [Fixed] Smoker bottom texture uses the top texture
  • [MCPE-43990] - Flowing lava edge will not turn into cobblestone
  • [MCPE-44299] - Cats in converted villages claim beds
  • [MCPE-44647] - Tridents and Shields are invisible when held by the player
  • [MCPE-44667] - [Fixed] /give doesn't work properly with some items
  • [MCPE-44679] - Command block autocompletion doesn't work without leading slash
  • [MCPE-44680] - Stripping Logs Won't Appear issue
  • [MCPE-44706] - Trying to swap offhand items with an item which is unplaceable in the offhand makes the offhand item disappear
  • [MCPE-44718] - Default and custom skins' left arms and legs are flipped
  • [MCPE-44735] - The rails do not change direction using levers in the new beta

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