Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 1.0.3 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-118] - Items in a furnace are lost when app is closed
  • [MCPE-1069] - Started game in survival, now it is in creative
  • [MCPE-6698] - Animals may seem height of Cobblestone Wall as 1,and Animals may jump onto walls or cross through walls.
  • [MCPE-6858] - Duplicate of a consumable item in use shows up in Hotbar.
  • [MCPE-7283] - Lowest render distance: Mobs have no texture, water is light-blue
  • [MCPE-7308] - Dungeon Spawner Issues
  • [MCPE-7334] - When you look at endermen they don't care
  • [MCPE-7335] - Crash renders save unusable
  • [MCPE-7348] - first opening a old world
  • [MCPE-7357] - Acacia and dark oak Leaf Decay is nonexistent
  • [MCPE-7359] - Snow/Grass rendering on side of block
  • [MCPE-7365] - Problem with hand
  • [MCPE-7378] - TNT glitches image and delays
  • [MCPE-7380] - Block of Emerald should be alongside other mineral blocks in creative mode inventory
  • [MCPE-7390] - Redsand
  • [MCPE-7403] - Lighting from torches\glowstone etc.
  • [MCPE-7420] - Problem in Split Controls and Lefty Mode
  • [MCPE-7423] - too many melons spawn in jungles
  • [MCPE-7450] - Slimes don't have the animation when jumping
  • [MCPE-7592] - Kill mobs through door (nexus 4)
  • [MCPE-12418] - When first visiting a village all villagers spawn a few blocks above the village
  • [MCPE-13840] - Fishing rod loses durability even caught nothing
  • [MCPE-14075] - Strange nondeterminism in horizontal hopper pipes and their cooldown counter
  • [MCPE-15502] - Observer top texture always faces north
  • [MCPE-16384] - Chat window is overlaying the HUD (Armor and Health)
  • [MCPE-16652] - Cannot Choose Custom Skin, or change between Steve and Alex
  • [MCPE-16967] - Multiple Blocks Missing There Textures in Multiple Texture Packs
  • [MCPE-17421] - Server browser not showing online/offline state for external servers
  • [MCPE-17577] - Minecart placement wrong on realms
  • [MCPE-18165] - End Portal Texture stretched if located at large X or Y coordinate
  • [MCPE-18584] - Player can look behind in a boat
  • [MCPE-19279] - Festive mash-up pack texture for leaves is blurry
  • [MCPE-19779] - Observer returns signals and locks button

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