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  • [MCPE-15264] - Enderman still get potion effects when shooting the tipped arrows
  • [MCPE-16611] - Blacksmith generate wrong loot.
  • [MCPE-16899] - Ghasts don't make sounds
  • [MCPE-17331] - Boss health bar shows up when loading world
  • [MCPE-17379] - Rabbits Spawning Too Frequently
  • [MCPE-17572] - Endermen have weird textures in the nether with Natural TP
  • [MCPE-17628] - Dispenser dispense Snowball incorrectly
  • [MCPE-18121] - Cannot feed certain mobs on some foods that are valid for them
  • [MCPE-18122] - Saddles cannot be obtained by fishing
  • [MCPE-18246] - Lingering potions have no sounds
  • [MCPE-18475] - Snow golem sounds like a player when it's hurt.
  • [MCPE-18499] - Not losing items in armor slot after death
  • [MCPE-18513] - Sand/gravel when stack more than two, falls in random directions
  • [MCPE-18610] - Elder Guardians no longer drop sponges.
  • [MCPE-18623] - Endermites now have 'player/hurt' sounds.
  • [MCPE-19124] - Hopper bug

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