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Kicked out of realms server



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    • 1.18 (Bedrock), 1.18 (Java)
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    • 1.18 bedrock edition on PS4
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      We have had bugs in our Realm since the new update, like it will kick us out and say disconnected from sever even though we are still playing. It mostly happens after opening a few chests trying to put things in them. After that it won’t let us open or mine the chests and it won’t even let us open our inventory and after like a minute of not being able to do any of that it will disconnect us from the server. I am currently playing on the PS4 edition of Minecraft but all my friends and I play on the Realm with different Minecraft editions such as, Java and Bedrock editions on PCs. We also have problems with seeing what is on signs. If someone puts down and sign and leaves text on it most of the time it will just show up black for other people. We are additionally having issues with the anvil. If we want to name something like a name tag, a sword, etc. it will not work most of the time either. These are the first bugs I’ve ever experienced in Minecraft and I love your game I just hope you get these issues fix.




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