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Realms Plus Signs are Deleted + Chat Issues


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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 x64 bit, 1.17.40
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      On my Realm (with about 10 People registered, usually 2 - 3 players online at once) if anyone writes a sign other players see it as being a blank sign with no text displayed. After about 15 minutes, the text is there. I have recently built a small machine on the 500MB world realm and the text was there for me and not for other players. I waited 15 minutes until I logged back onto my Realm and found that all the signs explaining to players how to use the machine have been deleted and the signs are blank, This does not happen when writing the text in books, which makes me think it is a bug. Please fix this bug as it is limiting the server communicating with each other, this also is happening with the Messaging system on the realm. Other Players play on Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and sometimes log on using Android or iPhone. Any further information on how this can be fixed, please let me know!

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