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Sign text is removed after chunk is reloaded


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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 bedrock, amd 3800x, amd 5700xt graphics, 32gb ram, minecraft realm for 10 people
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    • Bedrock

      When placing a sign and writing text on it, the sign acts as normal but if I leave the realm and join back the sign becomes blank. This also happens if I go to the nether. I first noticed this bug when i put a sign on my nether portal in the nether labelling the portal as leading to my house. The text was there initially. I went through the nether portal to the overworld, then went immediately back to the nether and found the sign blank. I have also placed signs in the overworld and all of their texts go blank if i go to the nether or leave the realm. Signs i have had for a while do not get their text deleted, this only happens with newly placed signs. This makes me believe that the sign text is not saving properly so when a chunk is reloaded the sign is blank. I have noticed this for about a week now. It only happens on my realm, single player does not have this issue. Ever since version 1.17.30 came out my realm has had tons of problems including this one. 1.17.40 did not fix these issues

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