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Signs Resetting after Relogging


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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 Bootcamp (MacBook Pro that's running windows 10), Bedrock Windows 10 Edition, Realms
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      When placing a sign in MCR I can see the sign but after coming offline and back online the text is immediately forgotten even if just logged out for a brief second. all my signs from before the world was a realm work fine and show text like they should only signs made since the world is a realm won't keep there text


      What I did - 

      joined realm

      places sign and added text multiple signs or one

      log out of realm

      join realm

      signs are there but blank with no text

       Images below showing the signs i realised wasn't working after relogging.

      Edit: this is inconsistent and now sometimes the sign wanna work and sometimes they forget how to work, not chunk error cause happens in places where signs are in the same area some work and some don't.

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