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Signs are very, very buggy in inconsistent ways



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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • On Xbox One, Windows 10 / Bedrock edition
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      I can log onto a realm and type whatever I need onto a sign with my line breaks (so the text is centered vertically) and it looks good and normal for a few minutes. Then suddenly every sign near me reformats itself and visibly retypes itself, removing my line breaks (moving everything to the top and next to each other), putting everything slightly off center horizontally, and censoring with pound signs (###) very odd, normal things. For example, right now on the realm I'm just putting together a bank that has chests that work as deposit boxes for each user of the realm and I need to put everyone's name on a sign that's on each of the chests, and the reformatting occurred after a few minutes making all the signs look bad, and it's not letting me type "Connor Kliber" (my friend's name, and the sign text just disappears when I try typing it) or "Kyle Kliber" (it censors anything that comes before "Kliber", "Kyle" becomes "####" and "K." becomes "##"). This is very disappointing and frustrating, I should be able to type text on a sign. If anything can be done to address this that'd be great


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