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Cannot load Microsoft Realms on PC, Tablet, or Xbox One



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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Microsoft Windows 10 PC
      Microsoft Xbox One
      Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
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    • Bedrock


      Hello, I cannot access my Realms subscription saved world on any device I own, including the following:

      • Microsoft Windows 10 PC
      • Microsoft Xbox One
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

      . The game does one or more of the following:

      • Instantly crashes upon opening, gives error
      • Instantly crashes upon opening, does not give error
      • Does not allow for the world to be downloaded, fails/crashes
      • Allows for world to be downloaded, fails to open
      • Opens world, does not load more than 500 blocks surrounding
        • Does not save the game
        • Crashes if you get too close to the edge of the limit of what has loaded
        • Does not allow inventory to be opened
        • Does not allow chests or minecarts to be used
        • Consistent lag
      • Opens world and allows the game to load beyond 500 blocks
        • Does not save the game

      I have done one or more of the following to resolve the issue on my own:

      • Restarted my modem and router
      • Restarted my Microsoft Windows 10 PC, restarted Minecraft
      • Restarted Xbox One, closed/restarted Minecraft
      • Restarted Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, closed/restarted/uninstalled Minecraft

      I have been unable to access or use this game for the majority of day today 10/10/2021. This is using the $7.99/month subscription for Realms Plus in the "DNU" realm. The world is called Pompeii, which I find very ironic given this situation.

      Please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue.




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