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Realm (3 player) crashing / rolling back continually



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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Windows 10 + XBOX. NBN Broadband internet (Australia, east coast).
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      My friends and I are on a (2)3 player realm with our long-term (1 year, probably less than 1Gig) survival world. But some days it's basically impossible to play, and more frequently so the last week. Chests won't open, mobs/entities freeze, new chunks won't load.. and then the realm/server crashes entirely. You get the "Unable to connect" message for a few minutes if you try to log back into the realm after getting disconnected .. and then when you eventually are able to reconnect, it's rolled back the server somewhere between about 10 minutes to an hour, basically sending you back in time in-game. Of recent times, the game chat is also lagging so badly that it's basically unusable - messages can take 5 to 10 minutes for other players to see, then all coming through at once, and signs are regularly impossible to write.

      I appreciate that it hasn't deleted thousands of hours of work entirely, but why are we paying $ every month for an unacceptable quality of service? I don't know whether it's a Microsoft issue with them skimping on server capacity, because I've noticed it seems more likely to do it during what would be peak US times.. (my friends and I are located in Australia)

      Any replies/input would be appreciated. Maybe this is more of a complaint, but the problem needs to get fixed.. otherwise we'll just download the realm and cancel our monthly realm subscription. It's just not good enough, considering it's a paid service.

      Thank you.




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