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Realm keeps crashing and throwing everyone out



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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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    • Everyone playing on realms - not one OS
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      Hi, we are having a problem where the realm just keeps completely crashing and throwing everyone out. It starts with the realm lagging so you can't open chests, interact with buttons, or send chats, and then slowly throws everyone out. It doesn't let everyone back in for 10-20 minutes, and sometimes rolls back the realm to the last backup. It's REALLY annoying. How can this be fixed?


      Hi, we are having a problem on our realm with severely delayed chats. Everyone will be typing in chat, and nothing coming through, sometimes for well over ten minutes - and then suddenly all the chats will come through at once. Sometimes after players have gone offline! It is NOT our chat privacy settings, as we all have them open to everyone, and the chats are coming through eventually in a huge bulk, but severely delayed. Please can someone help to fix this?


      Hi, we are having a problem on our realm. We are making signs, then logging back in later and the signs are all blank. It's really annoying as we're using them to label things and it's causing some discord. Please can someone help or report if this will be fixed.




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