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Chat and any text related feature


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      So thiers this thing thats been going on in the bedrock realms where
      chat does not load for a long time for both persons so you chat to the other person the other person can not see your chat and while that is in affect you can not name items in the anvil or use signs at all I mean of course you can see them what and what you type except for the anvil but signs you can see yourself untill you relog

      steps to reproduce:
      1. have 2 people join realm both chat and put sign down with some and you cant see each others chats nor signs
      2.wait an hour or so or untill chat loads to what your partner said and then you chat with signs and whatever else its really annoying and irritating

      you can see all this on my live stream https://youtu.be/vn9a23sjCP8 for several days

      we have found several work arounds include the /say command which I have to give op to everyone on the realm to chat which presents a security issue and trust issue! also you could use discord for an alternative call thingy and those are all the work arounds I can find also rebooting the realm seems to also help but that is a pain and takes for ever to do
      Good luck please fix fast

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