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My 4 years map got bugged after loading a new zone with the update.



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      I been playing the same map since 2019, but with the new update. I put my map on a realms for playing with my friend. My friend and me we wanted to see the new bloc from the update and more so we decided to go to the nether and go far away to load a new generation to discover the new cave and etc.. But after we find out and get the new bloc, we come back to her based and now we always crash and can play anymore i try to take old save put they all turn bugged, but when i use a one before we go visit the new update bloc the map is ok. BUT the problem is we did a lot of thing after visiting the new zone update. My realms is totally bugged now i try everything to fix it but nothing work. I am very sad because i put a lot of work on this map and i loosing for a update.. Every save i want to take they are little bit bugged because we have seen the new cave and etc.. I don't know if u know a way to fix it or something.

      I will more explain the problem :

      • I can something connect on the map with all the new bloc and everything but
      • We get some freeze
        -i got some crash
      • i can't open my inventory
        -i can't even connect to the realms
        -Loading take hours

      i am very very sad because i put more than 1000 hours on this map...

      The only is i take a old save before we go explore the new uptade but we did so much stuff after take, that make me so sad if any tip to fix it let me know plz!




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