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Ever since 1.17.30 my realms map has steadily become more and more unstable until being unjoinable



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    • Bedrock Realms server, affecting people connecting via Xbox series x and xbox one x (other platforms not tested)
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      Ever since the 1.17.30 update my map (created over a year ago without any experimental features) has been becoming more and more unstable, with everyone in it having problems with the last few seconds of work being undone every half minute or so, and some things that were placed being completely lost in some cases. After a few hours of this, the realm becomes umplayable (can't do anything in the server, then upon leaving, rejoining results in an endless joining screen). I've tried reverting to a previous save a few times, but after a few hours, it just happens again.


      When I try to download the save file when it becomes like this, the save just crashes the game on loading it locally (xbox series x). The file size has also increased (locally) by about 100mb, from 200 to 300 in a few hours of play, which seems like a lot. 


      I have since switched the map with a new one until the issue's fixed (the new one has the caves and cliffs experimental toggle on), and that's, so far, after several hours of play behaving. 




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