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Instant Kill following end departure


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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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      After finding an End City (Finally) that contains a ship (Hooray!)

      I leave my friends backtracking towards the nearest end gateway we had previously passed, all is well so far.
      I ender pearl through the gateway, safely returning to the End Island.
      I run towards the end portal to get back and return my loot from our raids, jump in

      JimBob9067 fell from a high place

      My friends are instantly confused, and I'm sitting at my bed with the red death screen, completely confused. I press respawn, and the ui changes to white text - "Generating World".

      I realize that the screen is frozen in place, and reboot minecraft, expecting to be able to collect all my items spread across the floor. I load back into the realm, to be at my bed.

      No Items In Sight

      I figure that I must've died just before going through the portal, so I jump back into the end and search around

      No Items In Sight

      There is no way the items could've despawned, and there was no lava near my spawn.

      So I'm currently confused, without any items.


      I have been able to replicate the bug mentioned, without the red death screen this time unfortunately. Ignore the background sound

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