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Taking wolves through the Nether Crash/Disconnect



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      I made this post because i looked for some posts before making this and can't seem to find any other posts about this some that seem similar but not the same. I have been playing on my friends Realm for a while now and I have made a base almost 7,000 blocks away from the spawn were I have kept my wolves. I was planning to bring them to my base and thought of taking them through the Nether to make the trip quick because it would only take a fraction of the time. The first attempt seems ok got through the first portal and was running my path to the portal to my base and when I tried to go into it the game disconnected me, the owner and another friend. We didn't think much of it at first so we logged in and it did rollback so I went back to spawn again to get the wolves and this time just going into the portal at spawn to the nether the realm crashed and disconnected us again. So I had to test this out on a single payer world(creative to make it quick) and spawned a few wolves tamed them and made a nether portal. Each time on the realm I had 4 wolves so I tried that on single and was able to go into the nether just fine with the 4 but trying to leave caused my game to crash. One of my friends said try taking one wolf though just incase its too many wolves at one time, same thing happened got into the nether fine but tried to leave with 1 wolf and the game crashed and when I loaded back into the map somehow it saved with me and the wolf in the nether and I was able to leave with the wolf just fine so I was curious and tried to go back into the nether with the wolf and before it could even start loading the nether my game crashed.


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