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In-game pop up said to renew Realm, Made second Subscription Instead



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      I opened up Minecraft on my Windows 10 PC and a pop-up showed up before I'd even seen the menu, telling me I needed to renew my Realms subscription. I clicked on it and renewed. Upon going to play, I realized that it had created a second Realm and had signed me up for another subscription. When I logged into my previous Realm, it was identical to the new one, having replaced the previous world we had worked on. I was able to cancel the subscription, but Microsoft says they cannot refund me the money they charged for it. So, now I have two Realms for the remainder of this month, when I only need one, an additional charge on my debit card, and yet another reason to distrust Microsoft. My foster kids, nephews, and friends that play on it are going to be devastated when I tell them we lost everything. 

      I know the world is gone and we can start that over. 

      Anyone know if I can get a refund and why the game felt the need to lie to me in order to charge me needlessly?


      Edit: Today is roughly the time I'd need to renew my Realms subscription. I thought that maybe the autorenewal got turned off somehow. Having the game tell me renewal was necessary when it wasn't and charging me for a brand new realm is very misleading. Hope it didn't happen to anyone else. 




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