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Realms crashing/not saving progress after 15-45 mins of playing.



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      Windows 10 Edition realms/LAN
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      Me and my partner starting playing a couple of skyblock packs (eg 4x Skyblock bundle) that were free with realms plus and after trying one and finding it buggy (not being able to break blocks, no breaking animations after a few minutes of playing and not saving progress.)

      We started a different one on realms again. After about an hour of playing there was no block breaking animation and the same as last time, we save and quit yet at least 10-15 mins of progress is gone each time this happens, after trying our normal world on realms we found the same thing happening, also trying to play through LAN has the same issue (skyblock and normal worlds, even a new world.)

      I play on Windows Bedrock and my partner plays on Xbox and it happens to both of us.

      I see there is a previous support ticket or two that have the same problems and that they thought it may be a corrupt save. Ours cannot be a corrupt world as the previous poster may have thought, as we have tried it with several brand new worlds over the past few days with the same thing happening. It does seem to be a realms/network issue.


      If someone could get in touch with a possible fix, or update on when it may be fixed. As I would prefer not to pay for two realms plus at this time when they are this buggy.

       If I'm recording and this happens, I will try to capture it if needs be.





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