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Minecraft Realm - Roll Back / Server Disconnect



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      Me and my friends have a realm, and I have created a village from scratch (survival). My village has around 18 villagers. Over the past 2 weeks (how old the realm is) we've had some major issues with realm rollbacks / disconnections; these issues appear to be related to the village that I've created.

      These are the steps that I've taken to determine the issue:

      1. first I changed the difficulty to Peaceful, an attempt to remove any corrupted enemy entities, this however did not work, and still resulted in a rollback /disconnect.
      2. Next I removed any excess animals (such as chickens, cows, etc.). This also did not work and resulted in a rollback / disconnect.
      3. Next I removed all beds, and replaced beds into different houses (inside the village) this resulted in a rollback / disconnect
      4. Finally, I killed off all the villagers, which resolved the issue for about 1 week. 

      After following these steps, I decided to try for a custom village again, and started curing villagers, the game worked fine until I reached approximately 18 villagers; after reaching this threshold the realm once again resumed with the rollbacks / disconnects. I again followed the above steps, and the only thing that seemed to work was step 4.


      This is quite disappointing, and only seems to affect realms, please do note that when running the game locally (copied a backup) the game works fine while in Single Player, even with 18+ villagers. 


      I do hope that a patch will be released soon, and unfortunately if this is not fixed this will likely result in a loss in players that are willing to have a subscription to the Realms service. I for one will likely cancel my subscription if this is not fixed promptly, I do understand that fixing bugs takes time, however this is a game breaking bug, and it becomes quite frustrating trying any meaningful progression when this is happening.



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