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Realms keep disconnecting



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      Hi guys, I know that this issue has been brought up before but I swear to God every single forum post that I see is in version like 1.13 and it's "resolved". But it's back again.

      Whenever my friends and I play Minecraft Bedrock Realms nowadays, we always face a terrible situation. After like 20-30 minutes of playing, the server will just randomly disconnect everyone, and then it will reset us to the point before when we played, losing all of our progress. It's terrible.

      So I decided to do some troubleshooting and deduced that the problem was when someone goes AFK for too long. This didn't make much sense to me since I would literally go AFK for like 3 hours before and nothing would happen, but I was like alright, time to adapt to our new environment. 

      The problem now is that I'm sure this is not the cause. My friend joined the realm, was messing with his FOV for 3 minutes, and the entire server crashed. So I assumed the window for going AFK is extremely low, so we rejoined. Immediately, the server crashed again, literally 2 minutes after when I know everyone is moving! 

      I don't know if this is a connection issue, but we all played together for hours on end before and this problem never occurred. I don't know why this is suddenly happening again, it's extremely stupid.

      Anyone have an idea? Mojang have a solution?


      *UPDATE 1: The game just crashed like 4-5 times in succession. No idea what's happening. Maybe a bandwidth issue?


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