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Disconnecting from the realm I paid for and all my progress resetting about 30 minutes



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      I am playing on the PS5 and my friend and I started a realm and at first we spent a couple days and then came to the conclusion the seed wasn't good and there were random mechanics happening so after countless tries to upload a different world as the realm it finally worked and we've been on this world for a couple days. Today I was building some redstone door and I got disconnected from my realm and when I joined again I was left right where I was before gathering all my materials needed. Frustrating but you can't expect the game to be perfect. Unless it keeps happening multiple times. Which it is happening multiple times. It is now unplayable and if after a couple more tries it keeps happening I'm just canceling my realm subscription. This is ridiculous 


      UPDATE (01/31/2021) after checking on the server for a couple days and leaving it alone for a couple days the problem is STILL HAPPENING. This is making this very worked on realm that I bought very annoying and unplayable AND someone marked this as a solved issue when it IS NOT SOLVED AT ALL


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