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Loss of progress and backups, kicked from realm repeatedly



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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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    • Current version of ps4 system software at time of posting (2.08)
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      Playing on Realms on PS4 (my realm), I was disconnected from the Realm, losing approx 20 mins progress

      This had previously happened to me once, and also several times to one of my friends who was a member of the Realm. 

      Over the course of this evening, we both tried to play and had the issue repeat constantly and consistently. 


      What's more interesting though is the situation with the realm backups:

      • For the first couple of disconnections, I found that no backup had been created
      • I attempted to log out and in several times to trigger it to create a backup and/or save progress 
      • Both my friend and I tried this to no avail - if I was there alone, when I logged out I'd lose progress (as would he) 
      • Periodically we'd both be kicked and progress would reset 
      • After a half hour or forty minutes or so of losing progress every time I logged out, it began to save progress again 
      • I repeated this several times, and asked my friend to join me again
      • After a few minutes of us both playing, we were kicked 
      • Upon logging in, it reverted back to how it was before it was saving my progress 
      • Obviously, you'd expect it would revert to when it was last storing progress 
      • Is there any connection between this and my friend joining?
      • Is the realm kicking us because your server is determining that nothing is being saved?
      • Tried before and after updating to 2.07 - as of time of posting, Realm is simply not creating/storing backups properly 


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