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getting disconnected and none of my progress saves on my realm



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      For the last few days a friend of mine and are have been trying to play on our realm that we have never had previous issues on in the past, but for whatever reason it randomly kicks us off the realm and a dirt textured screen pops up that says "disconnected from service". we have tried to get smart with it and reset our spawn points and choose the save and quit option every 5 to 10 minutes and most of the time it works and when we log back on we are where we left off but other times when we log back on we have non of our progress that we had done (ie the villager houses that I built would be there after saving and quitting and coming back on but after a few times of saving and quitting and relogging back on the houses are gone) and like i said previously sometimes it will pop up a dirt textured screen that says "disconnected from server) 


      if it helps any I play on a switch and she plays on her xbox1. it is very annoying to be working on a project and think you save and quit only to log back on and see none of your progress saved, and on top of that being disconnected every now and again to the point you can not play on the realm that you have to pay for. 

      I hope this issue gets fixed soon :/ 

      --thank you


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