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No Thunderstorms Happen On Minecraft Bedrock Realms World


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      Ive afk'd for many many many real life hours(10+) and got no thunderstorm. Also, the realm im currently playing on has over 300 hours and other friend who have played on the realm have confirmed he never heard a thunderstorm ever. this is pre ray tracing update and after so something like 1.16.100, 1.16.200, 1.16.201.

      No mods this is vanilla world and it is an imported survival world onto the realm as in it was on local storage and the world was uploaded to the realm. it has achievement, no mods like i said and i know that it has been no thunderstorm for 2 reasons - 1 i have never and also my friend have never heard a thundestorm in the 300+ hours of the realm (i checked how long the world has been loaded for in a dowloaded copy, it says it in how many ticks and there is 20 ticks per second, so i scaled it up) - 2 - i have a charged creeper converter. every 30-40 seconds or so often it hits a witch with a channeling trident ( i afk with the account that threw the trident as if the account that did throw the trident wasn't online, the channeling would't work). if there was a thunderstorm the creepers would be charged and none of them are. i downlaoded the world and tested on a copy when i set the weather to /thunder and the creepers get hit and converted so that isn't my error of the farm not working as i have tested it on a copy if the weather is thunder, does the farm work and yes it does.  I have downloaded the world and checked the files the lightninglevel is 0 and the LightningTime is 2202 whatever that means 

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