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Villagers launch out of bed at night or float in the air


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      In our realm at night, villagers will go to bed normally but many times as they lay down, their models shoot out of bed and into the distance where they disappear after going out of the render distance. If they don't do this, then sometimes they can be moved out of bed by being pushed by a player and they will then float out of bed in a random direction until they stop somewhere in the air or a random block (occasionally, pushing them can also trigger them to launch out of bed as well). When they are floating in the air or stuck in a block while sleeping, they don't take damage and can't be pushed again, but they still make noise as if they are still regular entities. When it becomes morning again, the "launched" villagers sometimes teleport back to their workstations similar to a tamed pet, although many times several are missing. If they are missing, it can be fixed by leaving the area and coming back, or leaving the realm and returning.

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