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Issues with mobs (Enderman & Creeper) griefing when mobGriefing is set to false.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 1.16 (Java Edition)
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Windows 10, desktop, Java 8, vanilla Minecraft 1.16
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      I have a realm in which I've set mobGriefing to false (it has been this way for several months now) but I am still having problems with Endermen continuing to pick up/move blocks. I have also noticed that Creeper explosions can break item frames and still destroy item drops. I know the command is otherwise working, because despite destroying items and breaking item frames, Creeper explosions don't cause craters.

      I've experienced this problem in all versions of 1.16 (java) on my realm.



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Set mobGriefing to false. Optionally, you can check that the command has worked by reloading or testing Creeper explosions, as sometimes commands entered in-realm revert to their default setting.
      2. Observe if:

      • Endermen that have naturally spawned can still carry blocks. You could instead see over time that nearby terrain becomes "jagged-looking" in areas where blocks have been moved by Endermen; eg. sand blocks on trees or single grass/dirt blocks in the middle of beaches.
      • Creeper explosions will destroy dropped items and cause objects within item frames (including the item frame iteself) to break.


      Observed Results:

      Endermen retain ability to grief blocks while mobGriefing is on false.

      Creepers can grief a player of nearby dropped items; can also break nearby item frames.


      Expected Results:

      mobGriefing disables Endermen from picking up and carrying blocks and Creepers from griefing items/placed item frames.



      Images and video proof of the bug in my realm are attached.



      Images attached show mobGriefing is set to false, and examples of Endermen in the warped wart biome carrying blocks. The video is showing how Creeper explosions can still grief item drops and placed item frames.


      I first noticed the problem after I had set mobGriefing to false (I think this was in version 1.16.1) and knew the command worked at the time because Creepers would no longer create craters. The gamerule had been set as false for several weeks before I noticed that terrain I had recently terraformed and cleaned up now had blocks missing and sand/grass blocks were placed randomly in the same areas. After this realisation I've re-set the gamerule as false several times over, but the result has been the same every time.

      This bothers me because I can spend many hours terraforming in survival, only for my work to be undone each time. I just want my world to look nice and clean  Another concern is for my poor nether island that happens to overlap with a warped biome, meaning dozens of Endermen spawn there and slowly pick my player-made island apart.


      The issue with Creepers exploding and breaking item frames I stumbled into by accident when one blew up in my chest room (again, while mobGriefing was false). Out of curiosity I decided to test dropped item destruction as I set up my recording showing how an explosion from a Creeper would break item frames, and happened to find that was bugged as well.



      I should iterate as well that I haven't experienced problems with any other mobs being able to grief while mobGriefing is switched to false, but I also haven't looked either. I hope this has an easy fix. I just want my world to look nice.




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