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"Lag Chunks" are Making The Game Unplayable


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      Something definitely changed something from 1.14.2 to 1.14.3, because something definitely is not right about my Realm post-update. I am a proud owner of a Realm of 28, which has been running for 8 months now. We have never, and still have never, experienced any form of block lag. The amount of players on the Realm is also not the issue here, as it does not matter if it is one player on the realm or multiple in this issue's case. This is not what this post is about.

      Our Realm only lags when specific chunks are loaded. We have nicknamed this area a "Lag Chunk." I have searched up this issue, and I couldn't find anything like it, even on this bug tracker. The world lags excessively around the area X: 1975, Z: -30. To download the world and test out the problem for yourself, use this download link:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!Apj3V8KCl4ZIgc9dbKvOgJgUWz8BPQ?e=m8NJ1d While in this area, the Realm will randomly become completely unplayable due to lag for everyone until the chunks around the area are unloaded, after which all becomes normal again. We have tried all of the following to resolve this issue:

      • Used MCC Toolchest PE to open a recent backup of the Realm World to check for any clusters of entities around the area. Found two possible issues:
        • The automatic Chicken farm in the area had chickens in the Redstone circuitry due to the baby Chickens being pushed when they hatch from a thrown Egg (a different bug in and of itself). These have been eliminated. The problem persists.
        • The Bee enclosure in the area has a grand total of 90 Bees inside of it which are divided into 30 Hives. These have been eliminated. The problem persists.
      • Used MCC Toolchest PE to convert a recent backup of the Realm World to a Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14 format, which I then converted it to a 1.15.2 World by loading it in-game. Using Spectator Mode, I continued to search for places of strain such as Drowned clusters and unlit caves. Found two possible issues:
        • A cluster of Drowned existed underground. Although there were only four entities, I eliminated them. The problem persists.
        • I eliminated any random entities I found in my hunt. The problem persists.
      • Downloaded a recent backup of the Realm World, and attempted to load it in Single-player to see if this would have an effect. Planned on re-uploading the World to the Realm afterward. Crashed my game in Single player, with the error code: "You are out of data storage space and Minecraft is unable to save your progress! Minecraft will return you to the Main Menu to clear up storage space." A clip showing this error code appear can be found and downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Apj3V8KCl4ZIgc9btd4Tg0EdZRQkSg?e=IMS6cm
        • Reset the app in the Windows Settings app. This error code has not reappeared since. Re-uploading the world has been untested thus far.

      In case this helps, here is some background on the area as it changed before the lag to after the lag:

      • There was once a massive Villager farm on the premises that did not lag the Realm whatsoever. This has since been destroyed. After the construction of the automatic Wheat farm, along with the new Villager farm, the Realm lags. The new villager farm is much smaller than the old one.
      • The house used to be a tad smaller. The lag started during the expansion.

      If you want to see the Realm in this pre-lag state, here is a World download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Apj3V8KCl4ZIgc9G11QQ97EtRqnV9g?e=r0EwZk


      If you have read this entire post, thank you. From the bottom of everyone's hearts on the Realm. I am willing to do anything to assist in finding a solution to this bug. If anything is needed about anything regarding the issue, please ask me below. Please consider downloading the Worlds linked above to further investigate the issue. It will help a lot. I will gladly assist you with assisting me. Again, thank you everyone.


      All download links are OneDrive links, the files should download automatically. If they do not, right-click the file, and select Download.

      UPDATE: For anyone else experiencing a problem similar to this one, please read the comments below. A resolution was kindly provided by a Helper. While the bugs causing this issue have yet to be fixed, there are some things you can do to stop this from happening. Thank you!

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