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      Basically the realms server I put up is one that has never been put into creative and get no achievements for on the Xbox ( been pretty upset about this as I've had it since the 360) also my server has been very laggy when exploring eg.  whenI was in my mine a chunk never loaded and it turned into a void was in this state till it reloaded the next day that means I couldn't play, and when using the elytra to fly with rockets it can't keep up with where I'm going and I'm in the void and die (bye elytras)

      Idk if it's due to the amount of redstone I use or what that could be lagging me out but it's hardly any compared to others that I've seen use, I also get the issue where the delayed block happen so I can mine them and up to a minute later they all come off would love to video it.

      Also just an extra ,  idk ifs is meant to happen but when I put a redstone torch behind a button it doesnt go off as it's meant to be activated with the button, but your guess is as good as mine here


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