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Realms world freezes when a player is in a village being raided with multiple players are online.



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    • MCPE-1.11
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      When multiple players are on a realms server on Bedrock Edition, and one of the players are within a village when a raid is happening, the world freezes until that player in the village being raided steps out of the village boundaries.

      We play on Bedrock Edition Realms and this has only happened so far with my friend who was in the 2nd stage of a raid in a village while nobody else was. He plays on Win 10, so do I, and one plays on the XB1 platform while this was happening. Once my friend who was in a village under attack by a raid left the game or ran outside the village boundaries, the freezing no longer happened.

      In case if this was a fluke, we checked to see if this a truly an issue so my friend went ran out 300 blocks and then back to the village where the Raid boss health reappeared. The second he told us he got back in thru discord comms, our game freezed for everyone playing until he got away again.




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