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Teleported players stuck in unloaded chunk



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: MCPE-1.10
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      Occurs in the latest Realms server.

      Using Xbox One version or Windows 10 versions.


      Every so often after a player is teleported through command blocks into an area that has not been previously loaded during their session or unloaded during the passage of play, and the chunk teleported into fails to render and the player is stuck in limbo and cannot continue playing.

      There are a couple of ways I can resolve this.

      1) As the operator I teleport the player to a known rendered area.  If I teleport the player within the same unloaded chunk it does not work.  Ie. it does not force the chunk to reload.  It must be into another chunk to resolve the rendering problem.  Once the player is "safe" they can go back through non-teleporting means into the unloaded chunk and it is fine.

      2) Have all players disconnect from the realm. Download the world and then upload it again.  Have the players rejoin.  This resolves the problem, as there is a reset of some sort taking place during the upload.

      As the only operator in the world, there is a potential for players to get stuck until I can resolve the situation.  

      We need a reset option to reboot the server to resolve these and other chunk related problems, such as chunks not loading, lighting problems, etc.  Or we need a way for players to report such problems and have the server reset automatically based on the type of problem reported.  A little machine learning AI would allow for this if you don't want to give operators direct capabilities.


      Or you just need to fix this teleporting bug that doesn't always render the chunk.


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