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[Realms] Random Freezing or Stalling, and Catching Back Up Speedily



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    • MCPE-1.8, MCPE-1.9
    • Nintendo Switch (Bedrock Edition) - 1.8.1, 1.9.0


      I'm using a Nintendo Switch with 256GB MicroSD card storage only 20% full (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072HRDM55).

      Quite often, like every minute or even less, the game entities and mobs will stall out, then after about 10 seconds all actions done during the stall are accomplished almost instantly. This can result in death from mobs attacking 20 times during the stall, mobs appearing to run at 1000x normal speed after stopping during the stall, etc. I am able to mine during the stall, but instead of blocks dropping they just disappear – then when the stall "catches up" all the blocks I mined drop at once in a loud "boom". If I am near mobs when this happens, they appear stopped in place while I am able to still move around and try and attack them... however... when the mechanics finally "catch up" it usually results in the mob being dead or me being dead instantly. During the stall, if I hit a mob, it seems like nothing has happened until it catches up again. Mining tunnels in the nether is especially dangerous during these events, obviously. I've learned to just stop and not do anything during the stalls, then resume when it has caught back up again, but it is tedious and annoying.

      • The stalls happen whether or not I'm even doing anything, and when it happens the frame-rate drops to very low as well – sometimes around 4 or 5 fps it looks like.
      • It happens during the day or night, no matter the chunk distance setting in video, and no matter if there are more than one player playing at the same time or just playing alone.
      • It most often happens in my 10 player realm, no matter how many or few players are playing in it.
      • The network has been checked and it happens whether in wired or wireless mode. We have Centurylink DSL at 7mb/s down 1mb/s up and it has never been a problem.
      • It seems to happen more harshly while using the new beta texture pack (v1.03).
      • Sometimes it results in "losing connection to the server" error when the stall has happened too long.
      • Bug noes not appear to happen when using a Windows 10 version connecting to the same network and realm using the same login and character.
      • Glitch can be seen on iOS bedrock version – don't know if it is happening in the iOS version or if it is just being observed in the Switch users running in the same realm. It appears to possibly be a processing resource problem when running on the Switch that is shown to other players in multiplayer in the realm as well. ?
      • Happens no matter what skin is being used on the character – even Steve default skin.
      • If observing a locator map during the event, the player's "arrow" marker also stalls even though movement is still going on – running, turning, etc.
      • Taking a recording of the glitch using Nintendo's screen recording feature is problematic – it does seem to work, but even the playback of the glitch shows a huge jump in the recording's progress bar – as if the timestamps are messed up too. The videos below show an apparent stall, but they don't show that the character (filming?) is able to fully move unimpeded during the stalls – but the video just shows it all frozen. Even though the player can move, what happens in the video when the "speedy catch-up" occurs is what the player experiences.
      • Verified that the glitch happens on multiple different Bedrock Minecraft Realms accessed using the Switch.
      • The lag/slowdown happens even if alone on the Nintendo and in the Realm, standing still doing nothing — such as watching a potion brew: I observed the potion-brewing indicator stall, go really slow, then speed downward catching up to realtime in a second.

      Nintendo had a Switch software update today to Switch operating system version 7.0.0 — no difference in this bug. The screen recordings of the bug were not fully possible due to the disruptive nature of the glitch itself, so I took two much more revealing iPhone videos of the bug and have added them to this report.

      Update: A complete deletion of all saved game and account data from the Switch, and redo of the Minecraft login settings has resulted in a partial improvement to this issue. Now, instead of stalling for many seconds then catching back up, it stalls more often, for fewer seconds, before catching back up. At least it is a little more playable — but overall performance seems stuttering and unreliable at best, especially when breaking blocks. Nearly every block broken, dropped, or placed has about a 1/4 to 1 second delay it seems. On a side note, one and two-gigabyte saved game data blocks seems really excessive, no? In the data management center on the Switch, for Minecraft (no other games are like this) every saved game data block is listed either 577mb, 1-gig, or 2-gig in size. Even the newly deleted save game data begins at 577mb.




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