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Lag is atrocious across Realms (Bedrock)



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    • Windows 10, Xbox One, Mobile, Nintendo Switch.


      PC, Xbox, Switch, Mobile: 

      Place a block to create a bridge. Go over it. Block disappears because of block lag. Fall to your death. Mine or dig up a block. Disappears. Reappears 3 seconds later. Walking around at night. Everything freezes. Five seconds later, everything teleports around you, and you are dead because a creeper blew up right next to you. You fire an arrow. Nothing comes out. You use Riptide in the water. Nothing happens. 10 people playing. All of a sudden: "You've been disconnected from server." All 10 of us disconnected, at the same time. 

      The lag on Realms is atrocious. We've been dealing with this for a month now, and still nothing has been done to fix this problem. If we're paying you, you should have good, quality servers. When I host on my PC, none of us have lag problems. It seems to only be a problem with Realms.

      I've attached speedtests from two different sources of my ability to handle a fast connection, yet I still experience horrible lag when playing on Realms, and it gets considerably worse as more people join, the point where, if we have a full server, the game is literally unplayable, and people quit. I'd like this to be fixed, so I can play what I paid for (10 people), or else, please issue a refund, if you're not willing to fix or upgrade it.

      Those of you commenting, be sure to vote on these bugs. That's the only way Mojang will look at them. It's why they fixed the player resets so "fast." More people complain, the more they'll look at it. 1. Was fixing player reset. 2. Fix Realms lag, then the game might be playable.


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