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Australian Realms are unable to use any text features


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    • 1.18 (Bedrock)
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    • All Bedrock versions playing on an Australian Realm. (E.g. Nintendo Switch, Playstations, Xboxs, Windows 10 for PC)
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    • Bedrock

      When playing on an Australian Realm you are unable to use any form of text when in game.

      Errors occur with:
      -Renaming items in an Anvil. The item name reverts to default once taken out of the anvil, it doesn't use XP but it does take away anvil durability
      -Writing in a *Book and Quill *deletes all the text once completed
      -Writing on a Sign deletes all the text once completed
      -Typing in Chat either doesn't work or appears many hours later

      Expected result is that all text should work as intended in Minecraft

      There is a partial work around for chat by typing /say before every message but this is tedious at best.

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