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Raids Crash when you been hurt or you attack a Pillager.



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      The game crashes when a Raids is present. I don't crash the game when I defeat some Pillagers before I had the hex effect that was when I was killed by killing Captain Pillager from a Pillager Out-post. When the Raids created the game crashed, I had exactly 10 wolves accompanying me for the Raids, while loading the Raids bar I was destroying two blocks of grass to get some land, that's when the game crashed when the assault loading bar ended to fill up. But when I re-entered the world my 10 wolves disappeared, then a Looter shot me as he approached me to a certain point that he stayed glued to me, just after the first shot that the Pillager gave me, the Pillager stared a little down and replaced the animation of having the crossbow reloaded to having the Idle animation (arms down) and it did not last more than 1 second to crash the game.
      That's it. I hope and they solve it soon I saw that they reported this error but otherwise without the Raids, so I take it as another bug. Thank you.


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