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Skeletons have 16 health and not 20


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      Ok so I was messing around with a diamond sword enchanted with smite 5 on my creative mode world and I noticed that it killed skeletons, phantoms, and other undead mobs in 1 hit, but it killed zombies in 2. Then I tried killing a skeleton with a wooden sword and it did it in 4 hits not 5.

      How to reproduce:

      1. /give @s diamond_sword
      2. Enchant it with smite 5.
      3. /time set night
      4. /summon skeleton
      5. Hit the skeleton with the diamond sword.
      6. It should die instantly.
      7. /summon zombie
      8. Hit the zombie with it as well.
      9. /summon phantom
      10. The phantom dies in one hit, just like the skeleton.
      11. /summon stray
      12. The stray dies in one hit.
      13. /summon wither_skeleton
      14. The wither skeleton dies in 1 hit.

      Obseverd results: The zombie dies in 2 hits, but the skeleton, stray, wither skeleton and phantom die in 1. 

      Expected results: The skeleton, phantom, wither skeleton and stray die in 2 hits, just like the zombie.

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