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1.16.21 microsoft account problems on Switch platform


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      After updating to 1.16.21 on the switch the microsoft account is completely unstable. The account doesn't auto login, i have to reconnect the MS account via https://aka.ms/remote connect every time that my son wants to play, when logged in , we get the splash screen "let's play" and when selected we are faced with a screen with no options......reload the game, go through the aka.ms/remoteconnect again......log in start the game..........check the status via the + button and yep problem with the account and it's logged out again. There also seems to be something very odd with the skins as it seems to randomise what skin it chooses and barely ever the same as the one my son had been using.

      Have checked with the parents of my son's friends and they are exreiencing the same issues so it cannot be a localised problem to our device or network.

      The gaming experience has gone from good to frankly appalling. Given the situation around corona virus and people playing online rather than meeting up this is really badly affecting my son's allegiance to the game 

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