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Never pressed F1, HUD and hotbar Disappears on hive


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      HUD, Hotbar, Chunks, (Chat and Players)

      Hello! I am a player on the Hive (XxCoolGuuyxX), and this started from two or three weeks ago, the nether update. without pressing F1 nor doing anything, the hotbar and HUD becomes invisible for no reason and occasionally players are invisible, chunks got randomly disappeared and I can't see the chat. It's basically like spectator mode but with more chunks disappeared. (xray?)  I tried to use both resource pack and no resource packs to play, and the same glitch happens, so we can exclude the "invalid problem". I have not made any modifications to my client either other than resource packs.

      Sometimes I can see the chat but all other "symptoms" are present. Sometimes I played in LAN games and this happens also (sorry i know i didnt put this in the title).

      When I quit the server ("Save and Quit"), the screen freezes on a 50/50 chance (I memorized the screen bc the glitching pause screen has NO buttons. either i could quit normally or the whole app freezes) and I have to restart the game. Usually restarting the game does the job, but this has happened most of the time I enter the Hive (10+ times) and it's driving me crazy T_T

      P.S. I am using Parallel Desktop for Mac, but I can't choose it from the list below~
      Hope this would have helped for the investigation...

      Update: I found out when looking at a specific direction it will be back to normal, (for example when I look in the direction of the pirate boat it's normal and when I turn my head 180 degrees/out of the range and the glitch will happen again...) Now sometimes, the main screen will flash and go without buttons also... so it's probably not lag. I will try to update as much information as possible, and of course report if the glitch is gone. Thank you all very very much


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