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Cross platform experiencing multiple bugs that are so bad they freeze my system



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      Minecraft used to work perfectly on my nintendo switch before the patch notes that released the piglin brute and apparently fixed 300 bugs but ironically stopped the game from working. Online cross platform was working completely fine before the patch notes but now I experience multiple bugs while playing which i will list off. Microsoft account says it is disconnected even though it is clearly logged in my home menu, my game will freeze randomly at certain times in many places involving the microsoft account login. Also, whenever I try to close the app, it will freeze my switch entirely forcing me to hard reset the console itself, keep in mind this happens with no other application and it seems to happen for almost no reason even if the game had no problem before closing it. However, cross platform play will sometimes work but only for an hour at most before the same problems arise again after a sudden error. I have tried resetting the game, signing in and out of my Microsoft account, and even uninstalling the game multiple times only to have the same problems occur over and over again. I've checked every single time before loading that I have wifi connection and that my console is in great condition so it has nothing to do with my hardware. I'm not sure how some one goes about fixing 300 bugs and breaks an entire game in the process but I feel like I've wasted money buying this because it doesnt work when I want it to do something so simple. Sorry for making this so long but I felt that addressing every single problem is important to helping the game run in great performance in the future but all I can hope is that this is fixed soon. If you read this entire book of a complaint than thank you for helping




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